Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How to Remove Sweet and Salty Temptations?

Are you addicted to chocolate or cannot resist when you have your favorite snack in front of you?Are you addicted to chocolate or cannot resist when you have your favorite snack in front of you?
Almost all women and most men experience exactly the same feeling as you and have this keen desire to devour these temptations, adding hundreds of extra calories to their daily diet.
Below are some small and easy tricks that can help you stay more easily focused on your goal and avoid the addictive temptations that will be on your way.

Sleep More

Research has shown that lack of sleep makes you eat foods high in sugar and fat. In addition, although further investigation is needed, it seems that sleep deficiency can make the act of eating more satisfying for the body.
According to a recent analysis of 11 investigations on this issue, it was found that inadequate sleep was associated with an average consumption of 385 extra calories the next day.

Reduce Alcohol

When you consume alcohol, especially in large quantities, there is intense dehydration the next day and this results in low blood sugar levels.
Now, according to a recent British scientific research, alcohol creates a sense of hunger in the brain, triggering brain signals that tell the body that it needs to consume larger amounts of food.

Choose a More Healthy Alternative Solution

Obviously, there are no "forbidden" foods. You can, even when on a diet, eat foods that contain more calories.
If you deny your desires, it is almost certain that at some point you will not be well emotional or you will be tired or have finished the diet, you will succumb to the "forbidden" food and you will even consume large quantities.
The key to all this is to find a healthier food alternative that will satisfy any of your wishes at that time.

Eat Almonds During The Day

Studies have shown that a handful of almonds can help curb your desire for some nutritional "temptation", as well as reduce the risk of chronic conditions.
In addition, another study reported that adults who consumed about 1 & 1/2 cups of almonds on a daily basis as part of a healthy cardiovascular diet, reduced fat in the abdomen as well as the waist circumference, more than those who drank the same number of calories but without the consumption of almonds.

Record Your Course Inside The Day

When you record what you eat and drink, it is easier to manage any disruptions you may have during the day because you "weigh" more on the consequences of your choices. Studies in the past have shown that people who record food they consume lose up to twice the weight of people on a diet but do not record what they eat.